Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic Implants for patients with severe bone loss in the top jaw

Several patients may have been told that they ‘don’t have enough bone’ in their top jaws to have dental implants. Dr Trent Lincoln is pleased to be one of a few surgeons in Queensland to offer placement of zygomatic implants, an advanced technique particularly useful in those with severe bone loss in their upper jaw.

Bone loss or resorption occurs as a normal physiological process following extraction of teeth. In some patients, the bone loss is so severe, that conventional dental implants cannot be used due to insufficient bone to place them into.

Zygomatic implants were originally developed by Professor Brånemark (an Orthopaedic surgeon from Sweden) to allow denture use by patients that had surgery to remove part of the upper jaw (Maxillectomy).

The technique evolved to include patients with minimal remaining bone in their top jaws, which is the natural process following tooth extraction.

The technique involves placement of longer implants that are inserted through the top jaw into the lower/inside of the cheek bones, to allow attachment of a fixed denture or bridge.

In addition to the Zygomatic Implant skills obtained during specialty training, additional training was undertaken by Dr Trent Lincoln in Hong Kong and also with a South African Surgeon to perfect the technique.

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