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Wisdom teeth – is it wise to keep them?

Most of us develop wisdom teeth or third molars, however, many people don’t have enough space in the jaw for them to erupt. This causes the wisdom teeth to become ‘impacted’ (completely or partially) leading to such problems as:

  • pericoronitis (inflammation of the gums overlying the partially erupted wisdom tooth)
  • resorption (or dissolving) of the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth
  • dental decay
  • jaw pain due to wisdom teeth

Other reasons wisdom teeth removal may be necessary:

  • infection or abscesses
  • prior to or after orthodontic treatment (braces)
  • preparation for orthognathic (corrective jaw) surgery
  • when the tooth is involved in cysts or other pathology
  • in some cases of jaw fracture

In many cases, patients elect to have wisdom teeth removal for prophylactic reasons to prevent conditions developing in the future.

Sunshine coast wisdom teeth extraction

Some patients choose to have their wisdom teeth removed with the use of local anaesthetic needles ‘in the chair’, however, many patients now elect to have their wisdom teeth removed under a general anaesthetic (unconscious) in the safety of an accredited hospital. The option of general anaesthetic allows the patient to have a more comfortable and pleasant experience.

This option allows patients to have a more comfortable and pleasant experience and the use of modern techniques can improve the post-operative problems once suffered by patients.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Dr Trent Lincoln & Dr Andrew Higgins are specialists in wisdom teeth removal on the sunshine coast and hold advanced surgical skills.

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