Payment Information

Sunshine Coast Oral, Facial & Implant Specialists accepts Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Visa or MasterCard.

Procedures performed in the hospital under a general anaesthetic will generate a set of fees:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anaesthetist’s fee (fee can vary depending on complexity and time required)
  • Hospital fee (this varies depending on whether you have private health insurance and even between different insurers and policies!)

Patients will be provided with the contact details for the relevant hospital and Anaesthetist at the time of quotation and payment.

Payment of accounts for procedures completed under general anaesthetic (the patient is rendered asleep or unconscious by an Anaesthetist in a Hospital) is due one week prior to the procedure.

Procedures such as Dental Implants or other procedures requiring prosthetic components such as dentures, temporary crowns or other consumables will require a 50% deposit to be paid at time of booking for the procedure and full payment 1 week prior to surgery.

Other procedures completed utilising local anesthetic will require payment 1 week prior to surgery.

Payment Plans


TLC – fund all Medical/Cosmetic treatments and out of pocket costs

✓ Payment plans from $2,000 to $50,000 – covering all dental fees
✓ No stress – the whole process is managed privately by TLC Consultants
✓ Flexible options – any additional repayments can be added back on to the payment plan at no extra charge
✓ Fast efficient approvals, simply apply online

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