Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation, our surgeons Dr. Lincoln & Dr. Higgins will take a thorough history and examination and may order additional x-rays or blood tests to arrive at a diagnosis.

In most cases, the appointment will attract a rebate from Medicare (if you are eligible) provided a valid referral from your health practitioner (Doctor or Dentist) is provided.

A quotation for surgical services is generally provided at the initial appointment unless further investigations or tests are required to formulate a treatment plan.

Checklist of items to bring to the first consultation:

  • Referral
  • X-rays (OPG), CT or MRI scans applicable to your problem
  • Medicare Card
  • Veterans Affairs Card/Details (if applicable)
  • Private Health Card/Details
  • Medication List
  • Medical Reports/Summaries (if relevant to your problem)
  • Work or Travel Commitments – Diary or Roster to allow booking
  • Form of Payment (MasterCard, Visa, Debit Card or EFT)

Appointments Available

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