Before Your Surgery

Local Anaesthetic Procedures (awake but numb)

Please have an adequate meal prior to your procedure as the local anaesthetic will render your mouth numb for hours after the procedure.

General Anaesthetic Procedures (unconscious in a hospital with an anesthetist)

  1. Fasting (no food or fluids [including water] for SIX HOURS prior to your procedure is mandatory to prevent aspiration of food/fluid debris into the lungs. Should you require tablets prior to the procedure, please check with your Anaesthetist or Dr Lincoln.
  2. Please ensure you do not drive or operate machinery for 24 hours following a general anaesthetic. Do not sign any important documents in this period either. Plan your travel and accommodation prior to the procedure ensuring there is somebody at home with you following your procedure.

After Your Surgery

  1. Take medications as prescribed, unless you develop signs of allergy which may include: itch, rash, wheeze, shortness of breath. If this or side effects such as vomiting occur, stop your medications immediately and contact our practice on 07 54060586 or for out of hours care, the mobile number of your Surgeon provided in the surgery or dial 000.
  1. Medications prescribed may include (unless contra-indicated):
    1. Analgesia (pain killers)
    2. Antibiotics
    3. Mouth rinse (alternatively, salty water/saline)
  1. Keep the wounds in your mouth clean for the first two weeks to ensure rapid healing. Rinse your mouth with Savacol (Chlorhexidine) or salty water (saline) four times a day – after meals and before bed. You will be able to resume soft tooth brushing the day after your surgery and please do not blow your nose for 2 weeks to allow healing of your sinuses if upper jaw surgery is performed.
  1. Facial swelling and soreness are a normal process following surgery and will often peak during the 2nd of 3rd post-operative day. Minimize swelling with ice packs and by eating a soft diet.
  1. Blood-tinged saliva is normal for several days following the operation. If bleeding is excessive, please place provided gauze or a rolled-up handkerchief over the site of the bleeding and bite down for 20 minutes. An ice pack should also be placed on the face on the side of the bleeding. If bleeding continues, please contact our practice on 07 5406 0586 during hours or the emergency number provided at the time of your consultation.
  1. Sutures placed at the time of surgery will often dissolve (unless advised otherwise) and fall out any time between three days and three weeks on average.
  1. Occasionally, holes (socket) or ‘flappy bits of gum’ are present following surgical removal of teeth or other operations. In almost all cases, these will heal well, with minimal issues if oral hygiene is maintained by the patient.
  1. Please refrain from cigarettes for at least 3 days prior to and at least 2 weeks after your surgery and minimize alcohol for 1 week post-operatively. Ideally our patients would cease smoking all together in our quest to be healthier and reduce cancer risk.

In most cases, you will receive a post-operative phone call the day after your surgery (unless your surgery is on a Friday, whereby you will be contacted on the Monday).

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